Lynne’s Journey…

In 1971, Lynne embarked on a seven-year sojourn to Africa and Yemen then overland through Persia, Afghanistan, India and Nepal.  She became extremely excited and curious about tribal jewelry; how it moved and danced on the body.  She started immersing herself in the local culture and dress and demonstrated respect for their way of life.  She was welcomed to hunker down with the tinkers, artisans and Babas she met along the way; observing and learning their use of simple tools and cold joinery.  During those years Lynne’s jewelry studio consisted of a small leather pouch containing four hand tools and a five inch hammer given to her by an old Afghan who befriended her during this life-changing experience.

Lynne’s work remains very personal – still utilizing simple tools and techniques.  She wants her jewelry to have proper movement, to be strong, wearable, and interesting.  She likes to understand the genesis of the objects she is working with, so that she can authentically honor them in her work.

A pioneer of wire bending techniques, she has been a mentor to countless artists.  For over 20 years, Lynne has taught these ancient jewelry techniques while adding her own imaginative interpretations gleaned from the creative forces in her life.  She continues to share the evolution of her personal life journey through her art.